Now, we have launched the voice broadcasting services that will help you to send sms to multiple users through voice sms. Voice sms are pre-recorded audios which are sent to any mobile or landline numbers across the world. Voice sms is fully customizable. the audio which will be sending as voice sms.

Here are some cool features about voice sms/robo call.

  • It broadcast your voice message instantly. No Answer, No Charges

  • Covers ALL Nigerian Networks.

  • Add human touch to your message.

  • Schedule your voice campaign at predefined date and time.

  • Personal touch – Voice sms has great emotions; hence a more personal way of communicating. Remote Voice Recording is available.

  • Reach out to large target audience.

  • One way voice communication with group of people non-intrusively through sms.

  • It's extremely helpful for marketers who want to promote their products.

  • Even illiterate person can understand the Voice sms.

Voice sms helps you to enhance your business. You can share your information to customer, clients or with your friends and any other group. It is the way where you can express your emotions, your happiness to the person you want. You can let your customer to know about your events. You can send wishes to your friends through voice sms. It's an inexpensive way to be in touch with your friends and family and even a safe way to send the message.

Here are our rates:

Voice Units

Cost Per 30 seconds

Cost Per Minute

1000 - 10,000              

N13 (1 Voice Credit)           

N26 (2 Voice Credits)

10,001 - 100,000

N12.50 (1 Voice Credit)

N25 (2 Voice Credits)

100,001 - 500,000

N11.50 (1 Voice Credit)

N23 (2 Voice Credits)

500,000 - 1million

N10 (1 Voice Credit)

N20 (2 Voice Credits)

Over I Miliion

Please Call

Please Call


 Just decide how many units you want. See rates above

 Click on Products and pay for the quantity you want.

Visit to sign up an account.

 Text or call in your payment details including registered username and email to 0813-287-8945

 After we verify your payment, we will create an online username/password and user  manual and forward them to your specified email.

Robo Call - Voice SMS - Voice Broadcast

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