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InfoTek Perspective Services was started in August 2007. By June 2008, a group of top Nigeria ICT Consultants in Nigeria with bias in IT Value Added Services, Barcode technology, ePayment systems, Proximity Marketing, Web Development, Software Development, Data Warehousing, eCommerce Solutions, and Telecommunications Value Added Service sectors decided to team up with InfoTek.

Relying on this core team, we have developed peculiar blend of functional and technical expertise that we have acquired and learned around the world.

We have worked hard to attract and retain people with best practices. Due to these, we are able to offer top quality ICT consulting services, Systems Design, development, deployment and projects management that run into millions of Dollars within IT world economy environment.

We have a combined experience of over two decades. 

What We Can Offer

  • Diligence and creativity to find the best possible solution for each particular project.
  • Reliable and Affordable project lifecycle
  • Fast Reliable Production plan and schedule
  • Designs and solutions to suit your specifications
  • Service delivery to specifications
  • Consistent provisioning processes
  • Timely and informed project status
  • Integrity and trust
  • Unique way of handling your project
  • Project support and maintenance

These are achieved via our working methodology in which we identify the developing trends as they happen, which we daily review and polish, and advice on how to capture and exploit them. Through our access to some of the best technical resources and brains in the world we are able to deplore such to our clients within short notice.

InfoTek Perspective Services consultants work closely with clients around the world to ensure that realistic bottom line improvements are achieved. These benefits are represented as revenue increases, deployment of interoperable systems, cost reduction, commitment from people to improving their business for business continuity. Our consultants help translate clients’ business visions and strategies into practical solutions that concentrate on business change and are underpinned by technological. Our goal is to ensure that our clients can maximize their ROI and satisfy their customers.

Our clients’ association with us puts them in safe hands because we understand your industry, we are experts in the industry and have a track record of giving companies competitive advantages other telecom companies only dream about.